Ev charging made easy for fleets, businesses and homes

EV charging

Local Power, in conjunction with our partners ChargePoint, provide a complete business and residential electric car charging solution.

Our EvNet division offers a turnkey solution for businesses that wish to provide EV charging services for their customers, staff, and the public. Our user-friendly software, mobile app and data networking intelligence ensures a successful, scalable, and grid friendly EV charging infrastructure. 

We offer a full range of home charging solutions. Whether you’re a homeowner looking to purchase a one-off charging station as you begin your electric journey or a business, contractor or housing manager looking to install a charging network that’s easy to manage and  reliable- Local Power, with our partners ChargePoint, will guide you every step of the way. 

Our clients include

ChargePoint CP4100s installed by our team at Apple’s campus in Cork

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Key Advantages

Complete Solution

  • Best-in-class hardware, software, cloud services, support services and mobile app

  • Purchasing options include flexible charging as a service options for 1, 3 and 5 years

Unrivalled Network

  • Robust network with extensive roaming partnerships makes EV fueling accessible virtually everywhere

  • Safe and secure payment ensured by authorization and authentication; all data is protected through encryption and anonymization of personal data

Software, Services and Support

  • Global driver and station owner support hotline answered by real people

  • Cloud services make it simple to operate and customize charging with features such as power management, access control, flexible pricing, and waitlist

  • Services extend from site planning and installation to ongoing care

Differentiated Technology

  • Unparalleled design, engineering, and cloud services

  • Top-rated mobile app

  • Comprehensive range of AC and DC charging solutions

  • 95% customer satisfaction and 98% uptime give drivers the best charging experience available

Industry Leadership

  • Over a decade of experience developing charging solutions

  • Cross-functional ecosystem partnerships, including utilities, carmakers, and government, are paving the way for the new fueling network

Experienced Team

  • Passionate Local Power employees driven to develop the best charging experience in the industry

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The Numbers


When you choose ChargePoint with Local Power, you’re joining the largest EV charging network in the world. With over 92 million charges delivered and counting, that’s a track-record you can trust.


100,000 Connected Ports

2,000,000 Charging Sessions per Month

600,000 Registered Drivers

288,000,000 kg of GHG Saved

3rd Party Roaming Partner Networks Allowed


2.5 Million Charging Spots by 2025


Most Advanced EV Charging Software and Services


When you choose ChargePoint from Local Power, you choose to make your  electric car charging solution easy. Our advanced software, user friendly mobile app and unrivalled customer service guarantees a smooth experience for charging station owners and drivers alike. 


Dashboard & Analytics

Station owners see how stations are being used and when it’s time to add capacity.


Drivers can get in line and get notified when a station is available, improving utilization.

Energy Management

Efficiently and automatically utilize power available for charging vehicles. Save money on costly upgrades and avoid demand charges.

Flexible Pricing

Price by hour, kWh, time of day, customer type or any combination.

Access Control

Limit who can use the charging stations and when. Station owners can disable charging during “closed” times.

Fleet Services

Fleet managers can track vehicle charging and pay for electricity if the vehicles need to charge at other stations.

Driver Services

Automatically notify drivers of a full charge, available station, changes in power and more.


Most functions are also available through SOAP/XML and REST APIs that follow the same data access rules as the UI.

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Best-in-Class Global Hardware Portfolio


Our comprehensive suite of  EV charging hardware has been designed with two things in mind: performance and durability.  Our best-in-class smart charging stations offer a user-friendly charging experience while being robust enough to endure the harshest environments. 


Residential and Commercial – AC

Commercial – DC

See how we can help make your EV charging journey easy. 

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