Premium Solar Pv for farmers

The best solar panels for farm environments

Why install solar PV on your farm?

Key benefits:

  • Cost savings: Cut your farm’s electricity bill dramatically.

  • Future-Proofing: Lock-in electricity prices and protect yourself from future electricity price hikes.

  • Tax Benefits: Solar panels qualify for accelerated capital allowances. This is worth 12.5% of the final investment cost to companies and up to 50% for sole traders.

  • Unbeatable paybacks: Expect free electricity for 30 years + with Solarwatt panels. With the addition of a TAMS grant, paybacks can be as little as two years for sole traders and 3-4 years for companies.

  • 60% grants available: Under TAMS 3 you could qualify for a 60% TAMS grant and Local Power will look after your application. Check your eligibility today. 

Farms that install solar PV systems can expect financial and environmental benefits. A typical solar PV system can supply a substantial portion of free electricity for over 25 years, or 30 years+ in the case of Solarwatt panels from Local Power. With the addition of a TAMS grant, paybacks can be as little as two years for sole traders and 3-4 years for companies.

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Enhanced efficiency with battery storage

Combining your solar PV system with battery storage helps you maximise its benefits. Battery storage allows you to boost the self-consumption of your self-generated electricity. You can also charge off cheap night rate electricity.

Local Power installs premium Fronius and BYD battery storage solutions which have been consistently ranked among the best available in the market for efficiency and charging and discharging ability.

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Why choose Local Power for your solar install?

Local Power delivers a turnkey service including:

  • All TAMS paperwork

  • Grid applications

  • System design and recommendations

  • Supply and installation of technology

  • Ongoing monitoring and maintenance

Over the last few years, we’ve seen how electricity prices can change suddenly. With a TAMS3 grant, you can install a system to help cut your current bills while cushioning against future electricity price hikes.

Use your 60% TAMS solar PV grant wisely

It’s essential to install a technology that you can rely on for years to come. That’s why Local Power installs Solarwatt glass-glass panels which come with European 30-year product and performance guarantees.

Local Power specialise in installations on farms. Our dedicated team will guide you through the entire process, from initial application to the final system handover and beyond.

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Our clients include:

The case for SOLARWATT panels

  • Robust and durable 2mm glass-glass panels.
  • Ultra-reliable with excellent energy yields.
  • Rested against PID, storms, hail, sandstorms, and cyclones.
  • 30-year European guarantees (both product and performance).
  • Full insurance coverage for the first 5 years included as standard.

SOLARWATT’s Unique Features 

  • Hail-resistant
  • Snow-load guarantee
  • Storm-resistant
  • Sandstorm-resistant
  • Cyclone-resistant
  • Salt-mist-resistant
  • Ammonia-resistant

What grants or incentives are available?

Farmers can potentially recover their investment in solar PV in under five years and benefit from a reliable source of renewable energy for more than three decades. This arguably positions solar PV as one of the best investments a farmer can pursue to bolster their commitment to sustainability.

Eligible farmers can avail themselves of a 60% TAMS grant support for solar PV installations up to 62kWp and battery storage up to 31kWp with an investment ceiling of €90,000. An easily accessible SEAI grant worth 20-25% is also available to farmers,

Local Power is registered with both the Department of Agriculture and the SEAI, and handle all the grant paperwork on your behalf.

The smart choice for your farm

With grants and tax incentives, solar PV has never been more affordable for Irish farmers. By installing solar panels on your roof, you can significantly reduce your reliance on the grid and lower your monthly energy bills. Choosing a premium technology protects your investment ensuring you many years of reliable returns and lower carbon emissions.

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