Why Choose SOLARWATT panels?

Why Choose SOLARWATT panels?

Are you looking for solar panels that shine? Let’s talk about SOLARWATT. Here’s why Local Power trusts them as our solar manufacturer and why they’re not just another name in the solar game.


German-engineered solar panels

First off, they’re proudly German. Based out of Dresden since 1993, SOLARWATT has been a critical player in the premium solar panel market. The crucial factor is German design and engineering with rigorous quality standards along with European warranties. 


Premium quality

SOLARWATT was ahead of the curve with their double glass solar panels in 1998, and they’re still leading the charge. These panels are renowned for their durability and toughness, prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws their way. SOLARWATT’s 2mm glass panels were tested to the max in Germany with a test which involved driving a car over them with no damage caused. That’s why they confidently offer a 30-year warranty on all their panels.

Many warranties for solar PV modules are for parts only, the warranty on all SOLARWATT products is for both the product and performance. Not only is the product warranted to be working in 30 years. It’s warranted to be working at 90% of what it was doing year one.


Vision Black by SOLARWATT 

One hundred twenty monocrystalline bifacial high-performance PERC cells work magic to pump out up to 400 watts of power. With a maximum efficiency of 20.5%, you’re getting serious bang for your buck.

You might expect all that power to come with some serious weight, but despite being double glass panels, these solar weigh in at just 25 kilograms – barely heavier than your average solar panel.

But here’s where Vision Black shines: it’s all about that sleek aesthetic. Every component is blacked out, offering a seriously stylish solution for your roof design. So not only are you getting top-notch performance, but you’re also adding a touch of class to your home or business.


SOLARWATT Vision series

Vision Style. 

Sporting the same powerful bifacial PERC half-cut cells and double glass technology as the Vision Black series, the main difference lies in the appearance. Picture a black aluminium frame paired with a crisp white sheet – a clean, modern look sure to elevate any solar project. With power outputs ranging from 360Wp to 370Wp and a maximum efficiency of 19.9%, Vision Style offers a reliable solution with a touch of flair.


Vision Pure.

This series is all about practicality without sacrificing performance. With its cost-effective design, the powerful output of 405Wp features a white foil backing sheet and a silver aluminium frame. It is a real standout when it comes to efficiency, at 20.7%, and it is backed by a solid 30-year product warranty. 


So whether you’re drawn to the sleek style of Vision Style or the practical performance of Vision Pure, SOLARWATT’s Vision series has something for everyone. 


It’s innovation you can see – and savings you can count on.


30-year warranty

Most solar panel manufacturers offer a standard 10-year warranty to cover any manufacturing faults. But SOLARWATT? They’re going above and beyond with a 30-year product warranty – one of the longest available on the market. That means you have three decades of protection against pesky manufacturing mishaps. However, the performance warranty is where SOLARWATT shines. While most companies guarantee around 80-82% of the panel’s output after 25 years, SOLARWATT is raising the bar. Their panels boast a maximum degradation rate of just 1% in the first year, followed by a minuscule 0.310% per year after that. Crunch the numbers, and you’re looking at a 30-year guarantee of 90% of the panel’s original wattage. 

Should I choose SOLARWATT?

In our opinion – absolutely. You can’t go wrong with their top-notch quality, unbeatable warranty, and solid backing. Local Power chose to partner with SOLARWATT as a premium manufacturer; year after year, they continue to impress us and our valued customers.


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