Maximise solar panel efficiency

Maximise solar panel efficiency

How to get more out of your solar panels

Anyone investing in solar power will be interested to know that steps can be taken to improve efficiency and get the most value out of their panels. From installing additional tech to adhering to our tips, we can help optimise the efficiency of your solar panels for your business or commercial setup.

Choose panels which guarantee longevity

Choosing panels that are built to last is a crucial first step in maximising the efficiency of your solar panel system for your business. You need to make your invest as worth while as possible and SOLARWATT offer one of the best product warranties on the market.

They offer a comprehensive 30-year product warranty, combined with a 30-year performance warranty. Ensuring that at 30 years, your panels will still be performing at 87% efficiency.

From our research of the top 5 solar panel manufacturers in the world, SOLARWATT panels offer the most comprehensive warranty. Local Power has partnered with SOLARWATT for this reason. SOLARWATT are renowned for its industry-leading panels with award-winning technology; the guarantee of longevity and quality is second to none. Their enhanced performance leads to more significant long-term savings and a faster return on your solar investment.

Ensure proper orientation and tilt

Proper orientation and tilt of your solar panels are essential for maximising their efficiency in a commercial setting. Panels should be positioned to receive maximum sunlight throughout the day. In the Northern Hemisphere, panels should face the true South.

However in certain situations the perfect orientation can be east-west. The tilt angle should also be adjusted based on your location’s latitude to optimise sun exposure. Aligning the panels correctly minimises shading and maximises the sunlight captured, increasing energy production. On commercial buildings, getting the orientation correct is much easier due to typically having more roof space to play with.

The experts at Local Power will always ensure the best orientation and tilt for maximum efficiency.

Add smart eco tech

Integrating innovative eco-technology into your commercial solar setup can further enhance efficiency:

Solar Power Diverters

Solar diverters redirect excess solar power to electrical appliances, such as immersion or electric heaters, optimising energy usage within your business. Instead of sending any additional energy back to the grid, this can be used to power your business’s hot water or other electric-intensive appliances. By doing so, you not only ensure you effectively utilise every drop of energy generated, but you also save on additional energy expenses. Local Power has partnered with myenergi to offer the leading eddi device as an option with all installations.

EV Chargers

Installing EV chargers allows you to charge electric vehicles using surplus solar energy, maximising your solar power economy. For business owners, offering the option of workplace charging can be a huge incentive for employees, but as an owner, you want to ensure you stay on top of the expense. The award-winning zappi car charger is the perfect solution to bolster your solar system setup as it uses excess generated to charge your EVs for free.

Battery Storage

Incorporating battery storage systems helps store excess solar energy for later use, reducing reliance on the grid during periods of low solar production. During poor energy generation or peak operating periods, energy stored in batteries can be utilised. This reduces the need to rely on the grid during these periods and continues to make your panels more eco-efficient. For example, batteries can be charged off the solar during the day and discharged in the evening during max demand periods, or charged off the night rate and discharged during the morning in the winter, further improving their payback time.

Optimise Inverter Performance

Optimising the performance of your solar panel inverter is critical for maximising efficiency in a commercial setting. The inverter converts the direct current (DC) electricity generated by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity for use in your business or to feed back into the grid. Choosing a high-quality, efficient inverter improves the overall energy production of your solar system. Regular maintenance and monitoring of the inverter ensure it continues performing optimally. Local Power choose to work with Fronius for their inverters.

Fronius is highly regarded in the solar world and is generally considered the world’s leading string solar inverter manufacturer. A key component of Fronius inverters are their active cooling systems. Active cooling can increase performance and reliability when compared to the more common passive cooling systems. This type of cooling makes these inverters more efficient and aids to their low recorded failure rate.

Monitor and maintain system performance

Monitoring tools or software are essential for keeping your commercial solar panel system running smoothly. Monitor factors like daily energy output, voltage levels, and any error messages reported by the system. Conduct routine inspections to ensure the panels are in good condition, free from damage, and properly connected. Schedule professional maintenance checks to identify and address potential issues promptly.

Optimise energy consumption

Optimising your business’s energy consumption plays a significant role in maximising the efficiency of your solar panels. By timing high-energy-consuming activities, such as running machinery or EV charging, you can directly utilise your panels’ solar energy, reducing the need to draw power from the grid. Investing in energy management systems or smart eco technology that allows you to monitor and control energy usage based on solar availability is also beneficial.


If you are looking at installing solar panels and eco tech to our home, business or farm, get in touch with the experts at Local Power for a free quotation.