Local Power Shines: How Solar PV Transformed The Watershed’s Energy Journey

Local Power Shines: How Solar PV Transformed The Watershed’s Energy Journey

With the pressures of climate change and the escalating costs of energy, adopting renewable energy sources has become more than a trend – it’s now a necessity. One standout example of this shift is The Watershed. By collaborating with Local Power in the installation of a Solar PV system, The Watershed has made significant strides in reducing its environmental impact while simultaneously experiencing cost savings.

Significant cost savings

Traditional energy sources, especially fossil fuels, are not only harmful to the environment but but also both unpredictable and expensive. As prices for coal, oil, and gas fluctuate, businesses and organisations often find themselves at the mercy of volatile energy markets.

The Watershed’s Solar PV installation fromLocal Power, has given them clear immediate financial benefits::

Reduced energy bills

Solar PV systems allow organisations to produce their own energyon siteThis meant that The Watershed can meet a substantial portion of its energy needs with solar PV, leading to considerably lower monthly energy bills.

Government incentives and tax breaks, The Watershed benefitted from an SEAI grant, which funded a percentage of their system. This , coupled with a refund on VAT and 100% ACA tax benefits year one, means that the payback time for their system was reduced exponentially. The new SEAI Non-Domestic Grant is now more easily accessible than ever for businesses.

Protection from price volatility

By producing their own energy, The Watershed insulated themselves from the unpredictable swings of energy prices. And, through choosing Solarwatt panels with 30 European guarantess from Local Power, they’ll benefit from cost-free solar energy for decades to come.

Reduced carbon emissions

The environmental benefits of adopting solar PV are undeniable. As an eco-conscious organisation, The Watershed was keen on reducing its carbon footprint, as solar panels produce energy without emitting greenhouse gases, The Watershed saw a substantial decline in its carbon emissions, directly contributing to the global fight against climate change.

By actively choosing a sustainable energy source, The Watershed not only benefited itself but also set a sustainability precedent for other organisations.

In conclusion, The Watershed’s collaboration with Local Power stands as a testament to the myriad benefits of Solar PV installations. It’s a win-win situation, where both the environment and the organisation thrive. In addition to this,he Watershed is a current finalist at the SEAI 2023 awards.