Creating A Renewable Energy Community

Renewable Energy can contribute significantly to any community.

It provides local employment, revenue and energy security. It also rewards communities for their efforts. Communities share these benefits by supporting the changes which ensure better lives for future generations.

Local Power facilitates the production and use of renewable energy. It’s a vital conduit for the required expertise and resources. Through these meaningful collaborations, many shared benefits are provided.

For far too long, communities and community-based organisations have lost out. Homes and local businesses all have to pay a PSO levy on their electricity bills to encourage renewable energy developments (wind farms, etc.) only to see developers and corporate investors reap the all of the rewards from renewables Local Power aims to change that!

Renewable energy contributes significantly to the needs of any community.

Our experts have years of experience in representing communities and organisations with Government and ‘big business’. We believe that local community members must be provided with the opportunity to invest at a cost in all future renewable projects within their area. We also see, and can assist with, the opportunity to help local communities and organisations access relevant supports to help them develop their own renewable energy projects and in turn, reduce their energy bills.

Local Power will therefore provide the strategic, technical, legal and representation expertise that your community or organisation may require, and working with our network of partners, negotiate with renewable developers and/or provide funding options that will help community members participate in, or develop, their own renewable projects.

So if you need assistance with renewable energy production in your area, contact us!

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