Quality Technology with 30 Year Lifetime Performance and Product Guarantees

Local Power Ltd. recommends Solar Watt panel technology, a leading solar panel producer owned by the BMW family in Germany. Solar Watt panels produce some of the highest and most sustainable energy outputs. They also have toughened glass front and back that better suits Irish conditions. Finally, they come with 30 yr life time performance and product guarantees!

In addition, Solar Watt panels and installations come with five year’s insurance cover for damage and theft. They also pay-out if your solar system cannot generate output due to damage or delivers less energy output than promised.

Good business sense for your organisation and your community

However as part of our offering we can also an alternative, lower-cost panels to minimise initial costs – you can compare and decide on the best option for your business, property or farm.

Finally, Local Power Ltd will also secure a power purchase agreement for all the surplus energy generated from your solar energy plant.

For consumers looking for cheaper, cleaner, and more local electricity generation, rooftop solar is the smart renewable energy solutions that make good business sense for your organisation and for your community. So contact us today to discuss Renewable Energy Solutions that make financial sense for you!

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