SMART BUILDINGS Irl is an intelligent building management solution that uniquely saves you time and money. It uses a tried and tested IoT wireless-based technology solution that guarantees real and ongoing cost and time savings for busy property owners and facility managers.

We guarantee a two-year payback from the savings made which will be measured and verified as part of our commitment to delivering our promise.

Your buildings will have some if not all of the following facilities: lighting, heating, air conditioning and flow, water, refrigeration, and security etc. – All very important but independent in structure, management and usage.

The reality is that these services may have expensive maintenance costs associated with them. Which do not allow you to integrate your building’s utilities management in a simple and cost-efficient way. The result is massive wastage in unnecessary utility usage and maintenance cost.

SMART BUILDINGS Irl brings your building utility and facility services together onto one easy to use platform. Guaranteeing a reduction in costs and time, while delivering better management to you from a single control panel on your smart device!

After an initial property survey that identifies and measures the savings SMART BUILDINGS Irl will give you the cost and expected payback in as little as 2/3 years.

Our team of engineers will wirelessly retrofit your building’s facility management network with minimum disruption. And our service works equally for new and old properties.

SMART BUILDINGS Irl will allow you to measure and monitor. This ensures that the savings are secured and paybacks delivered.

SMART BUILDINGS Irl also offers 24/7 monitoring of all your utilities. If something goes wrong you or your selected maintenance engineer will be immediately alerted.

And further good news is that your business may qualify for a grant from SEAI for a SMART BUILDINGS Irl project.

Barclay Bank and British Land Property are just two of our UK customers using smart buildings technology to manage their properties efficiently.

Manage your properties intelligently. Whether your building is old or a new build talk to Local Power about SMART BUILDINGS Irl.


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